Stained Glass

In this my world of mirrors
Where truth may be lies may be truth-
I follow an opaline pattern
Where deceit bears rotten fruit-
And I stare through walls of stained glass
Only to see my own face,
Reflected in shards of a rainbow
That someone tore from its place-
And my tears run red in this window,
And my eyes pierce pale as death-
And my skin is blue and yellow and gray,
And my soul is of those colors left-
No one comes to dry the blood
That falls down from my eyes-
No one sees the horrors there
In that mirror’s rubix sides-
If ever someone came to me
With the strength of a single word,
That could shatter whatever holds me within
The walls of my stained glass world,
I would finally have the chance
To see something besides this one
Who is always staring back at me
Like a child belonging to none-
If I could see myself reflected
In the eyes of someone who knew-
Perhaps that distorted image
Would be the image of someone renewed-
And living outside the chaos
Of a world of stained glass walls-
I could finally break down the terror
Of having nothing at all.

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