Of Life and Death

Weary frost encases limbs
Heavy darkness stills-
Sighs of death and demon hymns
Rise to push the till-
Wind whips ’round the bones of
Souls of men who laid
Their hands upon the loans of
Slaves whose debts were paid-
The soil ‘neath my feet
Opens, yawning wide-
I feel the heated loin beats
Of earth that longs a bride-
Kneeling now, defeated
I surrender all I am-
Of further life I’m cheated
From lacking’s grace I’m damned-

Swallow up my virtue
Curse me like a cur
Force my lips to praise you
For now I’m wholly yours-

Lay down my head on lichened stone
Body robbed of youth-
Tired breasts and broken bones-
You’ve long out-lived your use;
He takes another
Tender meat,
And rides her  under
To defeat
‘Til lichened stone
Will hold her head,
And moss will cover
Where she bled.

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